Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Question 1: Who will be the mentors (Faculties) for the course?

Answer: The students will be mentored by the following mentors:

Rajat Sood – Physics (B.Tech and M.Tech, IIT-Delhi)

Rajat did a dual degree (B.Tech & M.Tech) in Chemical Engineering from IIT-Delhi in 2005. He did summer internships at various world-class universities in Germany, Netherlands and Singapore during his studies at IIT-Delhi. Physics was his favorite subject right from his IITJEE preparation days. While at IIT-Delhi, he mentored many class XI & XII students in Physics. He relates most of the concept with real life situations which makes even the toughest of the concepts extremely easy and makes Physics interesting and enjoyable. He also likes Physical Chemistry and takes classes of some topics of Physical Chemistry @ GreyCells. He also takes care of strategy and marketing at GreyCells.

Before starting GreyCells, Rajat worked with a research and consulting firm - Evalueserve @ Gurgaon for three years.

Jeetendera Singh  - Chemistry (M.Tech, IIT-Delhi)

Jeetendra did his M.Tech in Chemical analysis from IIT-Delhi in 2008. Prior to it he has done his M.Sc in Analytical chemistry from IIT-Delhi.  He has published numerous research papers on biophysical data and numerical analysis in Chemistry.

His ability to explain complex organic and inorganic concepts in detailed and simplified form makes learning chemistry interesting and easier to remember.   He also heads the planning wing of chemistry content @ GreyCells. He has been mentoring students for IITJEE since past 5 years.

Abhishek Jaiswal  - Maths (B.Tech, IIT-Roorkee)

Abhishek  did his B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee in 2005. He did his summer training from Larson and Tubro and was the president of  Student Association Council (SAC) of IIT - Roorkee in the year 2004-05.

Maths was his forte from his own IITJEE preparation days. He has mentored students for IITJEE and CAT since last 4-5 years.

He includes multi conceptual approach in his classes which strengthen students conceptually                       and enable them to solve tough and complex problems by visualizing them in multiple ways. This technique is very instrumental in attempting IITJEE mathematics.

Abhishek has also worked as a business analyst in a research and consulting firm – Evalueserve @ Gurgaon for two years and prior to it he has worked as a software analyst for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).


Question 2: Does Greycells provide Scholarship to Students?

Answer: GreyCells awards scholarship to meritorious students solely on the basis of their performance in the admission/scholarship test held at the center on specific Sundays (for date’s call 9312922770).

Admission may also be extended without any scholarship if the student does not qualify in any of the above scholarship categories. Students whose performance is below a certain cutoff marks will not be given admission.


Question 3: What is the tentative timetable of the program

Answer: Classes are held on 3 days a week for eg monday, wednesday and friday. Classes are held in the evening time from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Students are also called on sundays for extra class and weekly tests. The days of the program vary from batch to batch. During summer holidays and school breaks, students are called in addition to the above timetable to cover the course.


Question 4: What is the test schedule and how is feedback given to parents.

Answer: Test are held on fortnightly basis on alternative Sundays (exact timetable will be given at the commencement of the program). Test are generally held in the first half of the day on alternative Sundays tentatively from 11AM to 2PM.

Each test is of the pattern of IITJEE Mains (objective). There are 3 sections one of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Each section has a total of 30 multiple choice question, each having four options to select the right answer from. Making scheme is as per competitive exams – 4 for right answer and  -1 for wrong answer.

The test results are displayed on the center’s notice board within 2-3 working days with marks and ranks of the students. Parents can also enquire the performance

Question 5: For which places is cab facility provided.

Answer: Cab facility is provided from Vaishali, Kaushambhi, Vasundhara, Indrapuram, MMX Mall, Air Force Station Hindon Gate, Shalimar Garden (Shiv Chowk and 80 ft Rd), Rajender Nagar Sec-3, Sec-2 and Sec-5, Shyam Park Extn. Jindal Market, Mohan Nagar (Parsvnath), Lajpat Nagar. Additional locations are added if there are at least 3 students from the locality. The monthly charges for a location can be inquired at the center. Payment of cab fees has to be done on half yearly basis in advance.

An indicative monthly charges for cab are as follows:

To Vaishali center – (From/Charges) – (Vaishali/Rs 800), (Kaushambhi/Rs 1,200), (Vasundhara/Rs 1,200), (Indrapuram/Rs 1,200)

To Rajender Nagar Center – (From/Charges) – (MMX Mall/Rs 900), (Air Force Station/Rs 500), (Jindal Market/Rs 300), (Shalimar garden/Rs 800)



Questions 6:  Will School CBSE syllabus be covered?

Answer:  CBSE preparation is subset of competitive syllabus. Full CBSE syllabus is covered for each topic and there is no need of a student to join extra tuition. In case there are extra doubts related to school syllabus students are called extra on Sundays.

Questions 7:  Are classes held in summer vacation?

Answer: Classes are held during summer vacations (i.e during April, May, June) hence there are no summer vacations at GreyCells. Classes during summer vacation help to cover a lot of course before school starts, hence the student is comfortable when the school starts in July. 


Questions 8:  When are the holidays given in the program?

Answer: There are no major holidays, but vacations are given during Diwali and New year. Also there are no classes in March as there are school examinations at school.



Questions 9:  What study material is given in the program?

Answer: Complete study package is given in form of booklets and weekly assignments for each topic. These booklets and assignment cover theory, CBSE level questions, competitive Questions and previous year questions. However, few books are a must for each student to buy for the success of the program as they are referred in the classes:

            NCERT books

            R.D Sharma (math)

            Pradeep (physics and chemistry)

            Concept of Physics by H.C Verma (available at center at discounted rates)

            Mathematics for AIEEE by Prafull K Aggarwal – Arihant publication (available at center at discounted rates)

            Chemical Calculations – RC Mukerjee (available at center at discounted rates)



Questions 10:  How is GreyCells one year program different from that in other coaching Institutes?

Answer: Greycells One year Program has the following features which are not offered in any similar program in any other coaching institutes:

              All Faculty members are IITian themselves and will teach throughout the program: In coaching institutes like FIITJEE, Vidyamandir – the permanency of teachers are not guaranteed as they are working as employee and if they are offered better compensation somewhere else they leave their current institutes. At GreyCells all teachers are stakeholders hence they will teach throughout the program. No other institute reveals the qualification and makes you interact with teachers directly, which is not the case at GreyCells.

             Direct Interaction with Teachers on regular basis: Each time you visit the center, the students and parents can directly interact with the teachers of the program, communicating their doubts and queries. This interaction does not happen in any other institute. At GreyCells we believe that regular interaction between students, teachers and parents is necessary for success of the program.

             CBSE/School course covered along with Competitive course: The program covers CBSE along with Competitive syllabus. Though the syllabus is almost same, but the natures of questions are different in CBSE and Competition. For CBSE a student needs to concentrate for subjective questions, while in competition the questions are objective. At GreyCells we concentrate at both the aspects. At GreyCells, we follow the KOTA methodology in which we cover every type of question on every topic inside the classroom and do not leave any concept for self study. This makes the program exhaustive and hence the student is comfortable both at school and in competition.  


There are many students studying at GreyCells who had earlier joined institutes like FIITJEE, Vidyamandir, Narayana etc. and found it tough to cope up there as there the preparation was selective in nature and the complete syllabus was not covered. After joining GreyCells these students find it easy to understand each topic in detail and are able to apply concepts in a better way. They are comfortable at their schools and are on way to crack engineering competitive examinations. A profile of few existing students in provided at the end of this leaflet.