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Bring your child under the guidance of expert IITian

Abhishek Jaiswal | B.Tech IIT Roorkee

Abhishek sir has been mentoring students for more than 15 years. He includes multi conceptual approach in his classes, which strengthen students conceptually and enable them to solve complex problems by visualising them in multiple ways.

His Youtube Channel gives access to more than 300+ recorded sessions, which acts instrumental in students preperation both for academic and competetive exams. Click here to access lectures

Comprehensive Coaching for classes 9th to 12th.

Online Classes Avaible for IITJEE | CBSE | Maths

Group Batches and 1-to-1 (individual) Mentorship available. Courses include:

* Live Classes by Top Teachers (YouTube Live / Zoom)

* Online Video Lessons

* Study Material

* Tests

* Doubt Clearing

* Click here to view Lectures of class 12th

Click here to view Lectures of class 11th

* For Live sessions : contact 9312922770

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To get access to recorded sessions and few of the live sessions visit YouTube Channel by Clicking here.

300+ recorded sessions for easy reference. Some of the popular playlists are detailed below:

Lectures of class 10th Physics

Lectures of Class 10th Maths

Lectures of Class 11th Maths

Lectures of Class 12th Maths

For Live sessions and Expert guidance Join our Live Classes.

Bring your child under the guidance of expert IITians

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